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About Us



Simuserv was established in 2002 to provide high quality simulation consulting services to a range of industries. Since its formation Simuserv has been involved in work ranging from small one-off consulting projects to the technical management of large onsite programmes involving teams of analysts. Our experience spans many industries including: Automotive, Packaging, Railway, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Mining.


Our Philosaphy

At Simuserv we’re excited about solving structural problems and getting the most out of our customer’s products.

We believe that Computer Aided Engineering is much more than simply using the simulation software. Experience has shown us that people are the key to obtaining representative and valuable simulations. All our Engineers are highly qualified with up to 16 years of technical experience in the field of simulation consulting, this provides the foundation to truly understand and solve the most complex of applications.

We always promote a close working relationship with all our customers. We understand that simulation is most effective when it is considered as an integral part of the design or problem resolution process. Indeed, our customers often have an extensive background in their respective fields, simulation should be used as a tool to supplement and build on that existing knowledge base.

We operate in Australia and New Zealand.

If you are looking for a partner to help improve your products or analysis capabilities; Simuserv can help.

Our Team

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